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4High speed ram type single column horizontal boring and milling machine
I. Products information
The machine is a precision machine tool with an integration of machinery, electricity, hydraulic pressure, and numerical control. The structural features are that a fixed beam, worktable movable gantry boring and milling machine. Milling, boring, drilling and tapping all these processes can be made in one clamping and improves production efficiency and machining quality. The complete machine is of good rigidity, and high stability to make sure the long time work.
1.Main technical parameters
    Item Unit Specs
Worktable Size (WXL)mm22800×12500
Pass Widthmm3200
T-SLOTT-slot widthmm28
Spindle to table distanceMaxmm1500
Spindle Number BT50
Spindle Rotation Speedr/min10-4000
Spindle TorqueNm400
In feeding speedLongitude(X)mm/min10-8000
Fast In feeding speedLongitude(X)mm/min10000

Spindle servo PowerKw30X3
In feeding Servo PowerLongitude(X)Nm27X2
Positioning Accuracymm0.02/1000
Re-positioning Accuracymm0.02
Max Worktable WeightT280
2. The main configuration of the machine tool.
(1)NC system: adopts shanghai lainake N3 CNC system
(2) X, Y, Z guide adopt precision linear roller rolling guide rail to make sure the machine used precision and useful life.
(3) X, Y, Z way all adopt transmission of gear and rack.
(4) In the three-transmission system, there are NC software limitation, electrical limitation and many control system to make sure a safe work environment.
(5) Lathe bed materials:  Ram and slide adopt HT250 cast, artificial aging treatment ,worktable adopt HT250 cast iron and 16Mn steel plate welded together, artificial aging treatment and stress relieving after welding,( 580℃ of the annealing temperature); Pedestal and frame adopt 16Mn steel plate-welded, Stress relieving after welding(580℃ of the annealing temperature).
(6) All gear for machine tool adopts hard tooth surface nitriding treatment, high hardness, wear resistance.
3. The basic configuration of the machine tool.
(1) Lubrication system: send oil in fixed quantity and fixed time in three direction.
(2) Cutter can realize hydraulic loading and unloading, it has improved on the efficiency of the manufacture.
(3) The machine tool is equipped with central water discharge device, the cutter in the process of machining tool for cooling.
(4) The beam guide rail and rack adopted organ shield, lathe bed guide rail and rack adopted stainless steel shield.
(5) The machine tool equipped with 11t servo magazine tool, to prevent replaceable cutter by man.
(6) In front of the machine is equipped with protective doors, the black is equipped with baffle, internal with chip removal device.
(7)The beam is equipped with security fence to ensure the human safety.
(8) The machine tool is equipped with floodlight that convenient for night use.
4. Main components manufacturers
     NOPart nameBrand
     1NC systemShanghai Lainake
     2Linear roller rolling guide railTaiwan Hiwin
     3Spindle motor and servo driversItaly Phase
     4Feed servo motor and servo driversWuhan Maixin
     5RackMO Yun Ge
     6Main shaft bearingJapan NSK
     7Main electrical elementZheng Tai 
5. Technical documents.
(1)Operation instruction includes machine operation instructions, product test report, hydraulic system diagram, machine external view, electrical schematic diagram, electric box hookup.
(2) Certification
(3)Control system operation guide, programming instructions and maintenance diagnostic manual.
II. Operating environment
1. Working power supply: three phase current 380V
2. Voltage tolerance: ―10%~+10%,50Hz
3. Environment temperature:―10℃~40℃
4. Relative humidity≤90%
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