Oil free vertical vacuum unit  


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The oil-free vertical vacuum unit is a new product developed by our factory and the national scientific research institute. It has the advantages of remarkable energy-saving, small floor area, water-saving and low noise. It is an ideal new product for environmental protection.

LG Series Screw Vacuum Pump

The oil-free vertical vacuum unit adopts oil-free lubrication and oil-free sealing technology. The unit composed of roots pump can obtain high vacuum within 150Pa, 25Pa and 1Pa.

KT series oil diffusion pump

Improve the vacuum cleanliness and remove some gases that react with oil, such as CO. A recovery device is installed on the exhaust port to collect incompressible and incompressible solidified gases, such as cyclopentadiene, benzene, toluene alcohols, etc.

H Piston Vacumm pump 


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