The new sand making machine helps the field of dry powder sand making  


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08/06/2018 9:43 am  

Several control sand machine is my company's latest research and development of new sand making equipment, v type crushing cavity type, automatic lubrication device and intelligent control device, greatly improving the efficiency of sand, artificial cost savings by the dry mortar field currently, new sand making machine can very good use.

Powder in the field of sand, high to the requirement of sand making machine, first in terms of grain shape, should conform to the powder with the national standard of sand, the finished product must be a cube, our company design a new type of sand making machine is to use the principle of shock and counter to achieve material of broken, adopt three layers of the rotor type crushing cavity, the scientific use of the principle of mechanics, not only improve the efficiency of crushing, also ensures that the size and the shape of the finished product.

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